easyDNS REST API Signup Form

The easyAPI Signup form has MOVED!

At this time we have started accepting new submissions for access to the easyDNS REST API Program from eligible easyDNS customers directly through our control panel.

If you are interested in gaining access to the easyDNS REST API please visit the new signup form found here (or select 'User' -> 'Security' from the top menu and select 'signup' in the 'easyDNS REST API' section) after logging in to your account.

Are you already an easyAPI user?

Existing easyAPI users can still obtain support by creating a ticket or by contacting our support team for assistance at support at easydns dot com.

Looking for API documentation?

You can access our new documentation system at any time which will be replacing our legacy documentation currently still available here. We highly recommend you use the new documentation system whenever possible as it will continue to be updated as new features are added.