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Welcome to the easyDNS Technologies API Documentation.

This is the place to start if you are looking to implement the easyDNS API into your infrastructure. In these pages you will find all the information necessary for getting started with the easyDNS API.


IMPORTANT: As part of the process of keeping our API fully documented and up to date we have started moving to providing information about the endpoints available through our API using the swagger documentation format (OAS3). To access the new documentation using swagger-ui which allows you to test out API calls directly from the documentation please visit the new SwaggerUI API documentation page. Please note that you must already have obtained API credentials before you can use the new documentation to perform test requests as you are required to authenticate in all environments.

What is the API for and who can use it?

The new easyDNS API is available for all users with currently active domains or services on the easyDNS platform. At the time of initial launch we will be providing a select group of easyDNS customers who have expressed an interest in getting early access to the API with the necessary credentials to begin accessing the easyDNS Sandbox environment. If you have never used a sandbox environment before please see below for a basic description.

How to get started using the API

If you or your company are interested in getting early access to the new API platform you are encouraged to complete and submit the easyAPI Signup Form which will forward your request to our API development team. In your request you will be required to provide the following information:

  1. Full name, email, and daytime phone number for developer who will be implementing the API
  2. Your username on the easyDNS platform
  3. Short description of how you plan on using the API in your system. *The more information you provide us with, the better your chances of being selected.*
  4. Approximation of how frequently you will be making API requests. We understand this can be a hard question to answer for some people but we appretiate the effort on your part. This information will allow us to ensure we scale our system to ensure fair use for all.

If you are granted early access to the API one of our development team will contact you using the information provided in your request to provide you with your access credentials for accessing the API platform.

What is a Sandbox?

A sandbox is a testing environment that isolates untested code changes and outright experimentation from the production environment or repository, in the context of software development including Web development and revision control. Sandboxing protects "live" servers and their data, vetted source code distributions, and other collections of code, data and/or content, proprietary or public, from changes that could be damaging (regardless of the intent of the author of those changes) to a mission-critical system or which could simply be difficult to revert. Sandboxes replicate at least the minimal functionality needed to accurately test the programs or other code under development (e.g. usage of the same environment variables as, or access to an identical database to that used by, the stable prior implementation intended to be modified; there are many other possibilities, as the specific functionality needs vary widely with the nature of the code and the application[s] for which it is intended.)

Getting access to sandbox

Currently we are not allowing automated signups for the API but will be providing access to a select group of users who have expressed an interest in getting early access to the new API. If you are interested in getting early access to the API please review the section above titled 'How to get started using the API' which outlines our early access requirements.

Moving from sandbox to live environment

Once you have completed development of your API implementation you will be required to demonstrate that your implementation meets certain 'certification criteria' before being granted access to the live environment. We are requiring certification before being moved to the live environment to ensure new implementations do not put unnecessary stress on the live environment thereby affecting performance for all users.

Rate Limiting

API usage is rate limited and is currently set at a maximum of 500 requests per day and requests may not exceed one request every second.

If your application exceeds this rate, it will be unable to make any successful requests, whether to access domain/zone data or to post new data, and will receive a 420 -> ENHANCE YOUR CALM error for every request until the rate has diminished. Once the rate has diminished or the mandatory second delay between requests has elapsed, service will return to normal so you don't have to do anything other than reduce the rate of requests your devices or scripts are making.

NOTE: In the event that you exceed your maximum requests for a day you will be unable to make further requests until 12AM EST when the daily counter for your API key has been reset. At which time you are free to continue making requests to the API.

We ask that users needing to make more than the default number of requests in a day contact our API development team to have their daily limit increased. These requests will be evaluated on a case per case basis to ensure heavy users do not impact other users of the API platform and to ensure fair use across the board.